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Travel is Still Very Healthy – Helped by Great Deals and Getaways

Millions of people are now booking travel on the internet, and it has become a routine. The fact is,that 82% of all travel is now booked online, whether it be a week-end getaway, or travel deals for a family vacation.

This year World Travel and Tourism is expected to generate close to $US 8 Trillion dollars, which they say, has the potential growth of growing to $US 15 trillion dollars in the next ten years,according to the latest research done by Tourism Satelitte Accounting (TSA), and reseached by World Travel and Tourism Council and it’s very strategic partner, Accenture.

Despite the ongoing financial and energy setbacks around the world, the Travel and Tourism Industry revealed in Berlin Germany, March 6, 2008 that the industry will have a moderate slow down. Instead of the 3.9 growth of 2007, it forsees growth 3.0 % in 2008. Airlines will be decreasing flights, but, you will still be able to enjoy those getaways, vacations, special travel deals, that will be offered by the travel and tourism industry.

The President of WWTC Jean-claude Baumgarten explained “Challenges come from the US financial slow down, and the weak dollar, higher fuel costs and concerns about climate change. However the continued strong expansion, in emerging countries, both as tourism destinations and as an increasing source of international visitors – means that the industry’s prospects remain bright into the medium term.”

The United States still holds strong as the largest Travel and Tourism economy, it accounted for more than $US $1,747 billion this year. This study was done by TSA research which included more than 176 countries.

While the United States and Europe may curtail their international travel they will still continue to travel domestically, by taking those special travel deals and getaways taking advantage of some low cost travel deals.

Once again, I would like to to quote Jean-Claude Baumgarten president of WWTC. “We are not saying there will be no downturn. But, there will be no repeat of the contraction of 2001-2003 [following the September 11 attacks], when aircraft flew virtually empty. That is not the situation.”

People may not be flying far away, and may be flying less often, or taking shorter trips, but they will still continue to travel. Do your homework by booking your travel on line and check out airline fares, vacation packages, special travel deals and getaways, all inclusive vacations, near or far. We all have to see what best suits us and our budgets.