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Travel Deals – Two Available Travel Resources at Your Fingertips

Whether it is just a quick trip to a nearby city to attend a social function or a flight across the country for family reunions and the like, travel has become an important part of our lives. With a slowing economy however, priorities have changed forcing many of us to make travel decisions base on cost, availability, and convenience.

For example, booking closer to planned travel dates in hopes of getting last minute ‘price changes’ that generally lead to deeply discounted travel deals has become quite acceptable. Of course, with advances in communication technology having greatly leveled the playing field, the internet-savvy among us have gained access to all kinds of travel information consequently improving chances for finding attractive deals that were once available only to a selected few.

Indeed, Internet has opened to us a world of incredible possibilities: various travel options that enable us to see in advance in detail and, sometimes, in real time, when and where we can go given our economic and personal issues. Moreover, what makes this new reality even more appealing is the fact that we are now able to make our buying decisions without leaving the comforts of our homes.

While internet has made research much easier, our hectic schedules have made time quite a luxury. So how can we use the limited time that is available for us efficiently for the research? Here are two great travel resources to start with:


  • The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), offering a list of travel agencies that we can inquire from, regularly gives up-to-date information on the latest trends like new travel policies, the hottest destinations here and abroad, and all kinds of travel tips that can improve traveling experiences.
  • The publishers/advertisers for various travel companies — their sites contain a wide array of promotions ranging from air, cruises, vacation packages, hotels, and other possible accommodations that we can look at and evaluate at our leisure. Most of them operate as a one-stop travel resource for different available travel deals such as various vacation packages listing the corresponding costs and schedules, airfares specials, lodging accommodations, etc.

With just these two resources, we can find just about anything relevant, valuable, and up-to-date on travel. In summary, finding these fantastic travel deals is:

(1) simply a matter of knowing our personal issues like budget limitations, health restrictions, schedules, and (2) the available resources that we can readily use in our search for deals that best complement our priorities and travel wishes.