Choosing the All Important Location for a School Trip

If you are trying to organise a school trip to a continental European destination you may find some of the following locations useful when making your final, all important decision on where to take students.


Spanish culture is traditionally extremely well disposed towards children of almost all ages. This makes it a near ideal destination in many respects for any type of school trip. Many such trips head towards the north east coast of Spain around the region known as Catalonia. This is a fantastic area of beaches and interesting historical cities such as Tarragona. One significant advantage of Spain is that, at the time of writing, it is one of the European destinations where students’ spending money is likely to go further than most others.

At most times of the year the weather is about as guaranteed to be good as it ever can be anywhere. Of course, in the summer months it can also be very hot – something which needs to be taken into account.


Few people anywhere on Earth are as naturally charming as the Italians. The country has a magnificent culture and historically has been at the centre of European and world events for millennia making it ideal for students to visit. But it’s not all sun baked streets and ancient ruins. For example, Lake Garda has stunning mountainous scenery and is also close to some great northern Italian cultural centres.


Along with the Republic of Ireland, France is the UK’s closest neighbour. This country has almost every conceivable type of scenery and terrain imaginable, running from the beauties of the French Alps or the Pyrenees along the Spanish border, to the green luscious hills of the Auvergne and Normandy. Not only is a school trip here likely to be able to sample some great history and culture, but it is also a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their language skills.

The Republic of Ireland

You won’t find people with a greater sense of fun than the Irish! Dublin is one of the world’s great cities, but the country also has many others that are well worth a visit including places such as Cork and Galway. The friendliness and hospitality of the locals is legendary, though, of course, not even the most patriotic Irishman would claim that the weather is predictable or guaranteed.


The Netherlands is one of Europe’s most tolerant societies and is often considered to be a model of a democratic and egalitarian state. Students will find an immense amount to do and see here, not just including the famous city of Amsterdam but also some of the other delights of this country like centres such as Leiden and Delft. One big advantage for students visiting this country is that English is widely spoken and there are strong social and historical bonds between the two countries.

This is just a small selection of some of the countries available to a typical school trip in today’s world. The one thing that it should be possible to guarantee is that students won’t find themselves bored for want of things to do in any of these or other similar destinations!