Quality Hotels in Philadelphia

Hotels such as the Loews hotel Pennsylvania, The Windsor Suites and Sheraton are classics and you should always begin with these hotels when you are starting to search as they are located in the center. These provide you with quality that you have never witnessed before and also value for your money.
Philadelphia has hotels for all budget sizes, right from seemingly invisible little bed and breakfast places to large palatial luxury hotels that have every facility that man has ever invented. Here’s a quick run down of hotels of our choice.

Hilton garden Inn, Philadelphia City Center. This hotel is very comfortably located being just a block away from Chinatown and adjacent to Philadelphia Convention Center. The hotel has a fitness center and an indoor poor which is complimented with a Jacuzzi. The rooftop restaurant in this hotel is famous as they allow the diners a wonderful view of Chinatown with the accompaniment of a Martini menu. All rooms in this hotel are broadband internet enabled and also come with a refrigerator and oven. People who are here on business can also make use of the business center.

Sheraton Philadelphia City Center hotel: This hotel is one of the 3 Sheraton hotels in the city of Philadelphia. It’s the tallest building in the whole of Philadelphia with 26 stories and starts at the rate of $96 per night. The building is exquisitely built while the interiors are decorated with art pieces. This hotel also boasts of a business hotel with high speed internet access and other amenities such indoor pool, Jacuzzi and a gym. This hotel is ideally located as its only 4 blocks from the Philadelphia Convention Center and 7 miles from the airport. It is also very close to a lot of historical sites that you will surely be interested to see.

This is the perfect hotel for the business traveler as it provides guestrooms which are broadband enabled and also have comfortable ergonomic chairs in a large spacious room for people to work without any disturbance.

The Windsor Suites: The Windsor suites hotel is located in a cylindrical tower and is very close to the attraction in the city. Its 6 miles far from the Philadelphia City Hall and Liberty Place and is about 8 miles away from the airport and mainly attracts the business travelers. This hotel offers accommodation that is based on apartment style living due to which the hotel also has a few private residents.

The private guestrooms are equipped with a fully functional kitchen and huge closets which you can actually walk into and the rooms also include all the standard amenities that come with a good hotel. The rooms also have a large spacious area with comfortable seats and large working desks built keeping in mind the business class. The hotel starts at $99.

Loews hotel Philadelphia. This Philadelphia hotel situated in downtown Philadelphia is in itself a landmark being a part of the previously Philadelphia saving fund society building which is one of the world’s first modernist skyscrapers. This hotel loves to impress the little children who are welcomed with a bag of gifts upon entry and are also offered a great collection of toys, cds, dvds and many other interesting things. As this hotel is in very close proximity to many landmarks of Philadelphia, its very accessible when it comes to public transport.