Culture-and-Society – How You Can Be One in Preserving Your Own Roots?

Culture and society has remained intact all these years. Although society has gained many influences from different cultures all around the globe, these latest technological transfers never become a hindrance for people to still preserve their roots.

Come to think of it, you may be influenced by different cultures, but you still remain to be a true-blooded American valuing his ancestral lines and the main elements that comprise what American culture is all about: individualism, equality, independence and growth. These elements have been the basis of America’s society since the beginning.

Now, how do you help preserve and contribute to the growth and productivity of your own culture as a whole? Here are general ideas that can be applied to every culture around the world:

1. Be patriotic. If you love your country, you should also love your fellowmen and yourself. One way of exhibiting loyalty and nationalism is to support your very own before supporting other traditions, and customs. If you know how to value your roots, you’ll treat and adhere to this advice very well.

2. Be one with others. A lot of cultures and societies fight for specific ideologies and beliefs. Although you have your own way of seeing things, it is still essential that you take part to what majority of people speaks, as long as it is for the common good and interest of all.

3. Value your history. America has a rich history and so are other countries. Whether you are from the east or west, south or north, valuing and preserving your history is one thing you can share with the future generations to come. If you know how to give value to your history, you likewise value what your ancestors and forefathers have fought for you to reap the rewards of independence and equality.